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P1P to P1S Upgrade Kit

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The Bambu Lab P1P to P1S Upgrade Kit contains all you need to upgrade your P1P 3D printer to a P1S 3D printer (excluding the Bambu Textured PEI Plate).

The glass cover plate, front glass door, left/right plastic panels, rear metal panel, front cover can enclose the P1P 3D printer. 

The auxiliary part cooling fan, control board fan, and chamber temperature regulator fan can aid heat dissipation to achieve high-speed printing.

The cable chain and P1S toolhead cable can ensure reliable performance during repetitive bending as a result of motion. The 550mm PTFE tube of the X1 Series is better, as it allows more ample movement of the filament, and lowers the extra abrasion.

Additionally, customers can also purchase a hardened steel extruder gear and a hardened steel hotend to allow printing with more abrasive filaments containing carbon fiber and glass fiber.


Installation Guide

1. Please finish the installation of Cable Chain Assembly and P1S Toolhead Cable first by following the instructions on Bambu Lab Wiki.

2. Please throughly read the instruction article on Bambu Lab Wiki for the Upgrade Kit installation.

3. Please note that the left and right side panels of the P1P may be incompatible with the base and require shaving off two tabs on the bottom of side panels for successful installation.

Two types of bases for the P1P model

We have two types of bases for the P1P model. One version comes with side panel tab slots, while the other version does not have these slots. It is possible that earlier shipments of the P1P model were of the older version without the tab slots, while recent and future shipments of the P1P will be of the newer version with the tab slots. Please check if your printer base has tab slots or not.
Surface Finish Surface Finish

Two types of side panel

The side panels we shipped earlier also did not have tabs. Due to a change in production plans, the side panels we will be shipping in the near future and onwards will have tabs.If your printer base does not have tab slots but you received side panels with tabs, please remove the tabs from the side panels.