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Bambu Cool Plate Combo

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Overview: The Cool Plate is pre-applied to the Bambu Flex Plate, and 2x Cool Plate stickers are included in the package

The Bambu Cool Plate is comprised of a Bambu Engineering Magnetic Flex Plate with a Cool Plate sticker pre-installed which is a consumable printing surface that is used in conjunction with a thin coat of glue stick and works best for filaments that don't require a high temperature set to the heated.

The Bambu Cool Plate leaves a smooth finish to printed models that come in contact with the Cool Plate and might require a bit of post-processing for cleaning up the glue stick.

Compatibility: X1 Series, P1P

Recommended settings for Bambu Cool Plate

These are some recommendations for settings to get the best results while using the Bambu Cool Plate. Please note that these settings are just a recommendation, and other slicer settings might need to be adjusted based on the printed model and the filament requirements.
Hotbed temperature
Glue Stick Required?
Upper Glass Cover Plate Removed?

Technical Specifications

Engineering steel plate + Cool Plate sticker
Surface temperature resistance
Up to 120℃
Flexible spring steel thickness
0.5 mm
Cool Plate sticker thickness
0.4 mm
Usable print size
256*256 mm
Package size
290*290*4 mm
Package weight
Dark Grey

    Installation: When installing the Bambu Cool Plate, please use the location of the text to help you install the plate in the correct orientation. The upper left and right rounded corners of the Cool Plate should be aligned with the left and right fixed points of the heating platform and gently lowered to be secured by the magnet.

    1. Recommendations for printing on the Cool Plate
    2. Recommendations for printing on the Engineering Plate:
    Spare Sheet for Bambu Cool Plate

    Note: The Bambu Cool sheet is easy to replace and install.
    1. After tearing off the original sheet, please use alcohol to wipe the surface clean. Make sure the surface stays dry while applying a new sheet. 
    2. You can use an anhydrous ethanol solution or isopropanol solution with a concentration of over 90% to wipe the plate. 
    3. You can also use detergent and water to clean the surface.
    It is also best to use special solid glue (Glue Stick for Build Plate) before printing to avoid damage during model removal. 

    How to print your Film Sticking Fixture?
    • Bambu Lab 3D printer with two film sticking fixture models to help you change spare sheets. Print 'Film Sticking Fixture' from the built-in files!