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Wireless Mouse Components Kit 002

€13,43 EUR

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Please note that the hardware kit does not include the 3D printed parts as shown in the main image.
€13,43 EUR
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The Wireless Mouse Components Kit contains all the necessary hardware components for assembling a Wireless Mouse. To complete the assembly for an entirely functional piece, users also need to download the model files and 3D print the remaining parts.

Compatible Models Creators
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Batmobile Ⅴ Wireless mouse W.drop2027 Batmobile Ⅴ Wireless mouse
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Wireless Mouse Madai (Bambu Lab) Wireless Mouse

To download the model files and obtain detailed information, please visit the Wireless Mouse on MakerWorld.



In the Box

1. Mainboard * 1
2. Mouse Scroll Wheel * 1
3. Optical Lens * 1
4. Receiver * 1
5. Battery Holder with Leads * 2
6. Toggle Switch * 1
7. Screw * 6 (including 1 spare)
8. Mouse Skate * 4



1. Please use AA batteries. (not included in the box)
2. It is recommended to use indoors at room temperature and avoid using on glass or reflective surfaces.
3. Wipe with a clean cloth and avoid splashing or immersing in water.

Product Specifications

Connectivity Wireless, 2.4G USB Receiver
Packaging Size 100*69*35 mm
Silence Button
Packaging Weight 33 g
DPI 800-1200-1600 Hardware Platform PC, Mac
Sensor Optical Operating Systems Windows, Linux, Mac OS
Power Source Battery Source Batteries AA battery * 1 required (not included)