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USB Speed Controller(1PCS) - IA002

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€7,67 EUR

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Socket Head Cap Machine Screws (SHCS)

Product Specifications

Product ID
Input Voltage


Output Voltage


Max Output Power




Product Size


IA002 4.0V-12V 2.5V-8.0V 5W(Do not overload!) 0-999 mins 72x25x15

Product Feature

  • Soft-start function

  • CNC voltage regulation

  • Automatic shutdown function

  • Double-click to turn off digital display screen


  • Plug the connector of the USB Speed Controller into a power source such as a phone charger, power bank, or computer USB interface (Ensure that the power of power port is greater than the power required by the USB Speed Controller). Then, connect the TT motor with the female port of the speed controller. The speed controller defaults to output on.

  • Turn the thumbwheel counter-clockwise to increase voltage. Turn clockwise to decrease voltage.

  • Click the thumbwheel once to turn output ON/OFF.

  • Double-click the thumbwheel to turn off the LED display. Press any button to wake up the digital display.

Timing Setting

  • Long press the thumbwheel for 3 seconds to enter the time setting interface. The "---" display represents timer OFF, and number displayed represents timer ON.

  • In the setting interface, click the thumbwheel once to switch timer function ON/OFF.

  • In the setting interface, turn the thumbwheel to the left side to increase the timer. Turn it to the right to decrease the timer.

  • Long press the thumbwheel for 3 seconds to exit the interface and countdown starts.